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[SND]1 MissionShift The Big Picture Part One Final.mp311-Apr-2017 16:27 20M 
[SND]2 MissionShift The Big Picture Part Two Final _1.mp311-Apr-2017 16:27 21M 
[SND]3 MissionShift The New Generation Of Immigrants.mp311-Apr-2017 16:27 19M 
[SND]4 MissionShift Business and The Immigrant.mp311-Apr-2017 16:27 14M 
[SND]5 MissionShift Podcast on the Mission Of Missionshift Program One.mp322-Mar-2017 12:03 17M 
[SND]6 Missionshift Podcast On The Mission Of MissionShitt Program Two.mp322-Mar-2017 12:03 23M 
[SND]7 Missionshift Podcast On Why.mp331-Jul-2017 10:36 21M 

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