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[VID]1 The Whole World Has Changed.mp420-Feb-2016 14:28 445M 
[VID]2 Culture.mp420-Feb-2016 14:37 749M 
[VID]3 The Challenge of Race.mp420-Feb-2016 14:40 213M 
[VID]4 The Acculturation Process.mp420-Feb-2016 14:45 479M 
[VID]5 Welcoming the Refugee.mp420-Feb-2016 14:51 515M 
[VID]6 Ways You Can Be Involved.mp420-Feb-2016 14:59 660M 
[VID]Mission Shift Promo V4.mov30-Nov-2015 13:40 619M 
[VID]Series Promo.mp420-Feb-2016 14:59 21M 

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